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No updates in a long time – I’m thinking of using this as a sort of ‘FaceBook-in-my-closet’ sort of thing. I can update, and tweet all I want without bothering anyone! . . . wonder if anyone will read . . .


So, obviously, based on the hit counter I display publicly at the bottom of this page, there is nobody reading my site, or my lyrics.  I guess that means I am pretty fucking anonymous… That doesn’t necesarily mean that it makes me feel good.

I realize that the reason I want to be anonymous here is so that I can be open and honest about myself and my views on the world and life throughout it without being judged.  If you want to judge me, PLEASE judge me on my spelling and gramar.  And my eloquence.  If there is anything that I write that reads like shit, please tell me, as I would love to know.  I am not a writer, but I do consider myself somwhat of a linguist, so I’m always looking to improve.

Without further digression, I return to my complaint about the lack of readers here.  Maybe if I post regularly, then people will be more likely to read?  “Build it, and they will come”? I’m not so sure…  And I don’t really want to advertise, because then people would know who the author is.  That’s not anonymity.

The point, I think, is that while it’s nice to feel free of judgement, it would feel much nicer to feel free of judgement in a public forum of some sort.  I am currently free from judgement, but that is not by virtue, but by merit of having no readers to judge me.  If I had readers that chose not to judge me, then I would feel successful.  For now, I only feel lonlely…